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Trophy Banquet - Sept 26th - RSVP now


Dinner by Michael's House of Prime

Dear NLYC Family,

We are excited to formally invite you, your family and your crew to the 2020 NLYC Trophy Banquet. The afternoon will be filled with shiny trophies, great food, 125 years of memories, unavoidable dancing and general merriment to help close out the summer and celebrate our great year of racing.

After getting rave reviews for the Steer & Stein, we’ve asked back Michael’s House of Prime to cater our dinner, but with an Italian flare.

We’ve adjust the timeline and flow from our past banquets.  This includes the availability of appetizers to nibble on, moving seating areas between trophy presentation and dinner, but unlike in past years, you can charge your drinks at the bar to your house account.  

If you would like a pre-trophy presentation appetizer, there are boxes available for purchase, $7 each.  Dinner will follow our trophy presentation, under the tent, $35 per meal.  (There are carry out meals available for $35, for those who choose to not dine in.)  This is a family event and we are happy to provide meals for children, under the age of 10, for free. They do have a slightly different menu, please RSVP for kids eating that meal separately in the form.  After dinner we’ll return to our canopy for dancing, pictures and sunset viewing.  Heaters are also being provided.

Please RSVP by September 21st by clicking here, and select which parts of the afternoon you’ll be attending.  Please be sure to pay before your arrival on the 26th if you are dining with us.

Trophy Banquet Itinerary:
Date: September 26th
Location: NLYC Canopy

  • The Bar will Open 2:30
  • Trophy Presentation 3:30-5:00
  • Dinner 5:00
  • Sunset: 6:43
  • Dancing

We look forward to seeing everyone on September 26th.
Alison & Nicole

Party Dates for 2020

Social is still paused for now, but here are the dates if and when things change.

All date are TBD, but this will give you an idea of what the Social Committee is working onIf you would like to help with one or more parties I'm sure Peggy can find a spot for you,  just let us know!

June 9th -Opening of the Bar
June 21st - Father's Day  - Bloody Mary Bar,

June 28th - Commissioning of the Fleet
July 3rd - Independence Day Celebration
August 8th - Steer and Stein
August 16th- Tie Up
September 5th - Kentucky Derby Social
September 6th - Annual Meeting

September 26th- Trophy Banquet
October 24th - Closing of the Bar

Questions about the SailNLYC website

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Interested in purchasing neck gaiters, burgees or tankards?  Check out our - NAG SWAG page!


Please return your traveling trophies to the NLYC

Dear Sailors,
We are changing the traveling trophy collection process a bit this year.  If you haven't already, we are asking that you have any 2019 traveling trophies that were awarded to you engraved right away.  Traveling trophies should be dropped off at the Yacht Club by Monday, September 7th.  There will be tables setup in the Club by fleet. Please place your engraved trophies on your assigned fleet table.  Don't forget to polish your trophies, cover them in plastic wrap and label them with the fleet series and place before dropping them off. 
If you or your crew are interested in donating back any keeper trophy winnings this year, please let me know by August 10th. There are several options: 
  • Building Fund
  • Sailing School Fund
  • Flagpole Memorial Fund
  • Sunshine Club
  • Fleet Funds 
    • X Fleet Trophy Fund
    • C Tuesday Night Dinner Fund
    • 420 Fund
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Rebecca Cleary.
Rainbow over Nagawicka - Photo Credit:  Jayson Kufis

Photo Credit: Jayson Kufis

August 1st Commodore Letter

Dear NLYC Members,

It’s hard to believe that it is August and sailing will be winding down in about 45 days. To me this feels like a fast, but yet the never ending summer. Starting August 1, 2020 the State of Wisconsin made mask coverings required . What does this mean to the NLYC?

Responsibility: While we implement preventative measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 during club activities, we cannot guarantee that you, or members of your family, will not become infected with Covid-19 during club activities or in using the clubhouse, yacht club equipment, or the grounds. Therefore, you are responsible for the health and safety of yourself and your family, NOT the NLYC, the Board of Directors, or the Covid-19 Committee. This is similar to your assuming the responsibility of partaking in sailing. If your crew is not a member or you have guests on the premises please note that it is your responsibility to make them aware of and follow these stipulations.

Common Sense and Safety Measures: Please do NOT enter the club grounds if you feel sick or if you come into contact with someone who feels sick or has felt sick or if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms . Even if you think your allergies are acting up or it’s just a head cold, please stay home until your symptoms resolve.

The Building is open but remains restricted to restrooms only and the remainder of the building remains CLOSED . This includes using any NLYC supplies from the closet or bar area, water from the kitchen sink, bar area and the ICE MACHINE so these areas do not need to be deep cleaned and sanitized. When entering the NLYC clubhouse please put on your personal protective mask. This must be worn at all times when in the building. I know many of us (including myself) have not been following this protocol. I appreciate all the members who have been following procedures and protocol and not been taking liberties using NLYC supplies or entering the bar and kitchen areas. Food also should never be brought into the clubhouse even when passing through to the outdoor space on the deck by the bathrooms.

Once again the Board and Covid-19 Committee will continuously monitor and evaluate the health and safety of our members over the summer, as well as any applicable changes in regulations and guidance offered by the city, county, state, and the nation. Again, you are responsible for the health and safety of yourself and your family, NOT the NLYC, the Board of Directors, or the Covid-19 Committee. Please make sure that this message is communicated to all family members who utilize the NLYC clubhouse and grounds. This includes your adult children who may participate in racing or sailing school.


On a more cheery note the much awaited 125th Anniversary Annuals/Yearbooks are ready for pick up at the club! This annual is a nice snapshot of the NLYC history. I would like to publicly thank Michele Heinze for her countless hours that she puts in on this project (and believe me I witness this first hand each year). Michele has been the driving force on the annuals for the past 16 years! That is an impressive run for any NLYC volunteer job. When you look at the sheer numbers of the net-profit that the book brings in yearly...that is well over $20,000 and probably closer to $30,000 made for the NLYC with her leadership. This year with financial uncertainty for many businesses was no exception. With that being said, please thank Michele and patronize our advertisers for their financial support of our club. If you enjoy the history you have read in the book I recommend you buy or re-read the Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club a century in the spirit of sailing put together by Lori Petersen and Chuck Hajinian. This is a great book and limited copies are still available.

A few other thank you’s are also in order. First, thank you to all the judges who have volunteered their time so us sailors can enjoy our normalcy on the water. If you would like to get more involved in judging please contact Kevin Monahan . The NLYC is always looking for judges at all levels and any help you are willing to give is appreciated. Second is to the sailing school board, instructors, and Sharon Kraklow (and all her volunteers). Sailing school and Sharon are killing it in a number of ways. Sharon’s adult sailing class is overflowing with participants. Sharon donates all her time as well as many members to help support the passion of sailing. Financially sailing school is helping support and grow the club.

Thank you to all the members who are making this year work. We want you! Are you looking to support the NLYC in a volunteer way and make a difference in the direction of the club? Each year the NLYC BOD loses and gains 3 members. Would you like to join the BOD? We are looking for members with various amounts of experiences. What are the qualifications? An open mind, a listening ear, availability to attend meetings once a month, and follow through with tasks (delegated or lead). Please contact me if you would like to make a difference.

Again please wear your face coverings and practice social distancing. The following quote was passed on to me: “Think of wearing face masks as a team sport; it requires the participation of each team member to be successful. When everybody wears masks together, it can be quite effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19.” - Dr. Daniel J. Durand Sincerely, Commodore Craig Heinze


5 Reasons Why All Kids Should Sail

There might be nothing in the world that packs as many life lessons as the activity of sailing. It teaches teamwork, engineering, history, patience, oceanography, ecology…all in one fell swoop. Because of this, we believe every kid should learn to sail and here’s the top five reasons why. Feel free to add your own.

Welcome to Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club!

Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club was established in 1895 exclusively for sailboats. We are based on the shore of Nagawicka Lake in Delafield and Hartland, Wisconsin with a quaint lake-side club house. The club has an active membership that are involved in sailing for pleasure and competition with a racing program that has over 80 races scheduled each season. Our club races Opti, X Boat, 420's, MC Scow, C Scow and E Scow. A range of instructional programs are offered to both adults and children for the experienced or novice sailor. The atmosphere is friendly and informal. Today, the fine facilities, excellent racing program and frequent club social activities combine to offer a wholesome family experience.

Contact Us:

Contact Us:

Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club

Phone: 262-367-8863

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